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Soorp Khatch Church and Ceiling Mounted Air Purifiers

Last update: 2022

Churches accomodate a lot of people and in our Covid-19 times clean air is even more important than before. Many agree that breathing fresh and clean air is a backbone of having a good health. It's no surprise, that people that spend a lot of time outdoor show higher resistance levels to Coronavirus bacteria, rather than people that spend most of their time indoor.

That's why it's crucial to breath the clean air inside, especially when it comes to public places like churches where a lot of airborne contaminants floating around. Portable air cleanrs can't clean the whole area and that's when ceiling mounted air purifiers come in handy.

A ceiling mounted air purifier has high a CADR rating and medical-grade HEPA filter. Powerful motors can clean air inside the church, home, kitchen or any other place quickly, filtering out bacteria, viruses, dust and odors and deliver the clean breathable area to any place inside the building.

That's why it's important to get a ceiling mounter air purifier and not a portable one.


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